Psoriasis & Eczema








The Condition you see and feel on your skin, whether it is Psoriasis or Eczema, is simply the reaction of something happening inside of you.




Nothing More. Nothing Less.



Up until this point, you might have thought that what you have seen, felt and itched on your skin, is actually what is wrong with you.





That Reality is Far from the Truth.





The skin of a person reveals much. It is the mirror image of their inner health. For example, if someone you see has beautiful, radiant skin, chances are extremely good, that the person you admire is in excellent Health. On the flip side, if you notice a person with severe skin issues, then Poor Health appears to be the obvious case. So, as you might have already guessed, there is much more going on inside of you than meets the eye.


Just to start to put things into perspective, most everyone has, at one point or another been professionally diagnosed with either Psoriasis or Eczema, then has routinely been prescribed a series of Topical Medical Creams by their dermatologist. This form of treatment is usful in the short term, but will lose its strength in the long term, and thus will just act as a stepping stone to more advanced and damaging treatments that can never address the root causes of your condition. In fact, these more aggressive medications will worsen your condition in time.


After years start go by, and your condition worsens, you will start to desperately hope for that " latest break through " medication, be it a pill, an injection, whatever. The day that will set you free . . . all  delivered via a magical pill and one that will make all the lesions on your skin would just disappear,  Poof !  Just like that.…… Never to Return.



Almost, Like a fairy tale.




Now . . . . . Let us step out of that mentality and into Reality.




Unfortunately, all the "accepted" mainstream knowledge in regards to treatments for both Psoriasis & Eczema that is medically available these days, is restricted to creams, invasive therapies &  injections that just do-not have the capacity to penetrate to the root-causes that are not being properly addressed. These conditions simply can-not be fixed "overnight", with a magic pill, or without the assistance of your immune system, that is actively & intentionaly being blocked/ restricted through the use of advanced medications such as injections for both psoriasis & eczema.


Anyone who tells you otherwise, is trying to sell you something. Most people reading this I assume, already know this.


If this is you, ...then You’ve already been there. You’ve already done that.


You’ve already traveled down that road of disappointment. And, In Response to the failures of the provided dermatologic system, you have decided to go against the grain in search of the answer that you know is out there. . . . . . .





This is exactly why you have found yourself here, at this very moment.






The Truth Is In You




 ~ It’s not a fancy title for this website, It’s a statement to you ~





It is the answer that you have been asking for this whole time. Every time you walked into the dermatologist’s office to bare yourself in total discomfort & embarrassment to perfect strangers that just looked upon you with wonder but, unfortunately held no true answer or permanent solution.



Instead, you are offered an illusion. To wear as a mask, to cover up a condition that is commonly misunderstood by the general practicioners.


Understand this simple fact: The Real solution to Psoriasis & Eczema lies in everyday living, plain & simple.


Your condition comes not from the outside as you can physically see it, but from the Inside, where you can not see with your eyes.


The outside condition is merely the consequence of a much greater problem that has accumulated inside your body for some time now without your knowing.






Reach Inside Yourself for the Truth. 








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The most important thing in life is to stop saying 'I wish' and start saying 'I will.' Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities. -David Copperfield

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